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Blackhairstyleshq.com – Short bobs have been popular for decades in some form, but the modern bobs are unique in their versatility and angular style. Integration of color, shape and dimension, any woman looking for something new can be worn short bobs.

Short Bob hairstylesstyling

The following shorter bobs are truly unique. It is no challenge for a modern woman to see no longer individually with a short haircut. See for yourself.


Slim, straight and reminiscent of the 1920s, this classic bob for women is suitable for lovers of sporty very short hair without their femininity. Keep the front strands longer and angled to shape the face with a slimming effect.

Slim, straight and reminiscent of the 1920s, this classic bob for women is suitable for lovers of sporty very short hair without their femininity. Keep the front strands longer and angled to shape the face with a slimming effect.

Add some drama and dimension to your bob by adding long and long pons across the face. Although not ideal for everyday life, this look is wonderful for your next social media self.

Ethnic beauties a bob as well as anyone can rock, well, much better than anyone else we can say. Keep hair chopped, one-length “flatness” to avoid that can occur when you smooth black hair.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 b

Bobs bring texture and lightness to thick hair when it is layered accordingly. Keep some hair flat against the back of the neck while adding graded layers to, opposite the crown roots. Read also: 45 Short hairstyles for fine hair 2017

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 c

This wonderful short Bob haircut is shorter chopped and closer down, so hair on a signature takes a rounded shape. If you are struggling with like a short bob style, this is a low maintenance expense option that basically settles itself in place.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 d

Each type of hair is treated with a structured cut more respiratory. If you deal with wild locks every day, you will be delighted to learn that Bob hairstyles do not follow any rules. If you want to decide for a chaotic disheveled look, freedom is yours!

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 e

An asymmetrical cut can make a face beautiful frame without having to forego style. Do not forget layers and highlights when it’s time to chop your long hair in favor of a shorter look off.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 f

Bobs can look very nervous while still being nice when you choose a dull cut. Instead of a ton of layers, this cut relies on straight, simple cut lines that emphasize your jaw line. Straight-Pony Add Sass on the style.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 g

An a-line bob has an angled outline that comes longer before, instead of the same length all around. The larger front length ensures that your subtleties are accentuated, instead of hugging the chin and a rounded frame to create your face. Great color and some add, blonde balayage highlights throughout, helps to optimize the structure of the cut as well.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 h

If you prefer a chopped bob over a smoother surface, use pomade or a blob to insert hair to accent random pieces all around. To get a mat surface with a very soft hold, sprinkle a bit of hair powder or dry-shampoo in your hand and run your fingers through your ends the same way that you would do with pomade.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 i

Short Bob hairstyles for black ladies are usually achieved with a cap weaving. It is optimal to choose a conspicuous slanting cut with precise contours, long side pony and layering in the back. This weave style will last about two to three weeks.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 j

Modern very short stratified bobs are just marked blonde in the crown area. Tried a solid blonde look is okay, but currently we are in multi-dimensional hair color solutions.

One of the eccentric shapes of short Bob cuts is an asymmetrical chopped pelie bob that is a perfect fit for a fashionista on the go. When you go into the salon, it is best to have some pictures on hand that show the perfect degree of agility that you want.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 l

Innovative stylists bring different hair concepts together to form phenomenal hair art. Synthesis of a stacked short-cut Bob with the perfect distribution of movement is as masterful as it is.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 m

Only the most experienced stylists have the precision of an undercut Bob to master. An undercut manipulates the hair naturally in a hidden under style fall. This technique is gorgeous smooth blond hair which can sometimes be difficult to hold in any style but straight.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 n

Asymmetry alone on short bob hairstyles can take a style usually categorized as classic and move it into a group more moody in nature. The fusion of asymmetry and a graded, a-line bob is something that presents smooth hair in the best light.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 o

The thought of a bob style can not intimidate anyone with curly hair. Applying the right hair product to a fine-structured, asymmetrical bob on someone with curly hair is however the only tool needed to reproduce the «shaggy-chic» style on your own at home.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 p

Nothing conjures a signature on your own individual haircut like creating a color for you and just formulating it. Punky colors apply Pre brightened hair without the use of hydrogen peroxide, make the color you see coming out of the tube practically the same on your hair. This is a keyword for your creative juices to flow, and with all the funky color possibilities available now, you can upgrade a purple layer easily into a radiant raspberry.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 q

A fresh, stacked bob creates extreme volume despite very short neckline. Highlights can enhance your color by adding depth to your honey blond – they become the icing of an already incredible cut.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 r

The new generation of Soccer Mom haircuts is now described sentences like “side chunks” and with unconventional colors like, blue and purple. Who knew this would ever be possible ?! Nothing says hot mom like a gorgeous undercut Bob with spice!

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 s

Slight asymmetry on an inverted Bob with perfect texture is another masterpiece of hair that is not easily replicated by an amateur stylist. Asymmetrical styles are often more interesting and fashionable than their classic symmetrical versions.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 t

The short Bob hairstyles are no longer what they were yesterday. The trendy blonde is no longer a solid, it turns into a bright ash blonde color with lowlights. Accordingly, a bob is no longer just a bob, it’s messy, tiered bob with air within the strings and it looks quite fabulous!

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 u

Short bobs are funny because they are rarely limited to a length or direction. Involvement in layered layers really gives the tone for this style, full of dimension and originality.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 1a

If a short bob hairstyle seems to be “hard” for you, you’ll work some highlights in your face-framing sections and a bit in the back. Choosing a Bob with Pony can also brighten up the final look. Dark hair looks particularly beautiful with caramel colored highlights throughout.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 1b

Bring a soft, romantic style, the otherwise typical short stacked bob with some loose waves. This can be achieved by layering and a large barrel of curling iron. Use a light spray to assert all day.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 1c

There are many different names for short bob hairstyles that seem to be similar. A stepped bob or a reverse Bob has short shifts in the back and gradually angles forward. Although the layers are shorter in the back, the overview of your bob has no a-line – it’s all around the same length.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2017 1d

Maybe you have long hair wearing your entire life and you’re ready for a dramatic change. Or maybe you have cared for short hair for years and just want more of an appropriate style. Whatever your reason, Bob hairstyles are perfect for warm summer weather as well as year round. Easy to maintain and still full of fashion-conscious beauty, a short bob easily will regularly appear in the lives of women who are busy but still look good.

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