30 Modern Gray Hairstyles 2017 For Short Hairstyles Women Over 40 – 50 – 60

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Women usually want to cover up gray because they want to look younger while gray hair is attributed age. However today even younger celebrities, the work with the best colorists and on what hair color they want, decide go gray !?

Check to see Rihanna it gray hair or pink gray hair, for example. It really is a trend that should not just leave you without attention, especially if it offers you so many benefits. Imagine spending monthly on permanent dyes and leaving those pain when you’re trying to achieve the perfect hue …

What are the best hairstyles for gray hair ?


There are too many, depending on your hair structure and preferable. In general, gray hairstyles are worthy. You frame the face stately and attentively around your facial features as any fancy styling tricks. Maybe you have pony with gray hairstyles, but they are light and well trimmed or styled on the one hand.

  • Horror short hair. Those who like Pixie hairstyles keep them cheeky and edgy, adding lots of texture, modern look. In the event that the hairstyles are based on classic bobs, one can surely style them elegantly with a side crest or chaotic and curly in a playful manner.
  • Medium gray hairstyles. Gray penniless coiffures make an accent on layers, texture or finish for the ends. They are simple and refined, healthy castles with an exceptional silver coloring.

Long hairstyles with gray are not as popular as shorter gray versions. Long hair is more difficult to maintain. But who knows, maybe you are an exception? In any case, I believe that an older lady looks more contemporary and stylish with a short or shoulder-length hairstyle. Below are some really nice examples to follow.

Beautiful hairstyles for gray hair

So, take your time and give some of your attention to the following wonderful looks to select the best haircut and hairstyle for yourself.

Here is a great curly texture and fabulous combination of colors in the hair, clothing and accessories. A medium-length hairstyle with rounded shape styled in bouncy randomly curled lures and a coral lipstick with a matching necklace can be wonders, indeed!

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 a

Chin-length bobs look very neat and respectable, thats why they are one of the most popular options for older women. This hairstyle for gray hair with noble side crest illuminates in any case, the face with its harmony of color and shape.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women

Here is a very flattering hairstyle in all relationships: a comfortable length and moderate layering define the shape and accentuate the texture. And what the hair color, it’s just about praise!

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women a

An older woman looking contemporary is twice beautiful. With a layered hairstyle like this, you are a lady who lives today and has interest in the current trends. These fine layers and fringes finish for the edges are adorable!

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women b

Do you still have enviable strength for your locks? Show pride! These dense noble waves are voluminous and with the right length. They make an impression!

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women c

Wow! This woman has fire in her eyes and heart, and this cheeky hairstyle brings it! Although these motions adhere to all sides, the rounded shape of the cut softens all edges, revealing the fantastic texture.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women d

This choppy pixie is incredibly brave, lively and flattering for an older woman who has thick smooth hair and wants a today’s low maintenance hairstyle. Go without hesitation if your hair allows thickness and face shape.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women e

Gray hairstyles vary from person to person, but this straight, dull cut is ideal for a variety of age groups and facial shapes. Be sure to add different tones of silver and white into the mix to keep things interesting.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women f

Cute layered and styled with a flip, this hairstyle reminiscent of your childhood when you’re an older woman, and is a fun vintage option for younger ladies. Go with a bright white top and add some black underneath for a gorgeous contrast that is loads of fun.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women g

Gray hair styles are as unique as the different personalities they sport, and there is no reason to do something that you are unfamiliar with. Many women find that a simple matte shadow platinumblondes or very light gray is perfect for a sideswept style, classic and easy to maintain.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women h

Angled bobs are full of trend and not just for a particular generation. Older women can pull an oblique cut just as well as their granddaughters – the trick is that a professional in dealing with aging hair stylist.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women i

This wondrous gray hair style lends a very light and youthful feel to the young eyes and radiant smile. Who would have thought that airy texture and natural silver color could be so irresistibly charming?

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women j

These beautiful natural gray locks are easily layered towards the tips to enhance the curly structure and show you more beautiful curl. Slight wispy pops add a lively teenier note while the roots are teased fine for volume.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women k

Whether your hair is curly or straight, if you are not quite ready to completely jump into the gray hair, then look at a very light blonde with gray undertone. If you feel that it is also blond, you can always get more gray, unlike going to gray, which is much more difficult and expensive.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women l

Sure, long gray hair is beautiful, but it is a huge pain to keep. Instead, why not go for a shortened cut, the frames face and still feels nice to go. Long side strands in front and behind the ears modernize the appearance.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women m

Go for a pretty silver tone if you’re not sure which tone suits your complexion. Going completely gray can seem drastic and intimidating – but with the right hue you will feel beautiful.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women n

You can recapture a hairstyle from your school days with an extra twist-a gray tone. Gray hair does not have to be scary, and it does not necessarily have to be adjusted in an older woman’s permanent wave. Keep hair soft, straight forward and shoulder length feel young again.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women o

Again, with a gray-toned blonde, this short gray hair style is perfect for a professional woman or who wants to feel confident and regal. For those who dream of retirement but are still not quite there, this is a wonderful “go to the office” style.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women p

The more you tend to be a silver color instead of a flat, mat gray, shiny and younger your hair will look. If you are trying to find colors for gray hair, do not be afraid to go bright.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women q

Here is a feathered short haircut for gray hair that is ideal to wear every day and looks like a formal hairstyle. Being simple and dignified with pointedly defined texture, it is an ideal foundation for a statement make-up and bright outfit color.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women r

Elongate a-line bob without a bangs, you see in the picture above, holding a perfect round shape that frames the face and holds random lure falling on it. Mirrored in ends are a classic way to get your long bob (praise) style.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women s

And this haircut with sides tightly cut and feathers style upright reminds a men’s style, but can work great for a woman over 50 with a female oval face. She looks modern, stylish and not feminine, is she? Read also: 35 Simple Short hairstyles for women over 50

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women t

A woman should use what is given by nature at any age. An ethereal pelie like this is so in line with the beautiful blue eyes that you would hardly believe a real lady in front of you!

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women u

We’ve all seen Burgundy and blonde Ombre hair color, but what about gray? This style starts white and of course fades back into a deep foggy hue which is fabulous for any sophisticated woman.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women v

Going gray does not mean you have to let go of glamor and beauty. Keep hair long enough to be able to pull it back into a more sophisticated bun or dutt. And if you feel young and sexy, leave it down and enjoy a free-flowing style.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women w

Show off these lures with an adorable salt and pepper hair color blend that show your fun and youthful personality. If you have naturally curly hair, permanent waves are still popular with the older generation. They allow easy maintenance and an affordable style.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women x

Another way to gray hair young and romantic look is to emphasize it with a few subtle, chunky lure. Waves, curls and an oblique cut keep hair looking beautiful. If you have naturally curly hair, stress it with a styling product instead of ironing it out. Heated hair styling on a daily basis will damage older hair, just as with younger strands.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women y

Like hair in old age, it also tends to lose some of its texture. Keep things full with gray hairstyles, which allow a bit of feathers. You can use this look in your salon or a wide comb to do on your own.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women z

Just like length have no minimum age, neither paint streaks fat. Try a vibrant, royal purple for size, or go with a blue, pink, green or magenta. If a persistent card flips color you out, go with a clip in extension, hair chalk or a temporary dye.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women 1

Short hair can be gray or white without worries too modern. Who does not love grandma? Embrace your golden years with a plumped, stylish cut that never loses its momentum.

Gray Hairstyles Over 50 Older Women 2

Gracefully aging and going gray is, of course, a gift that contemporary older women accept with gratitude. I hope that you have chosen a hairstyle for over 50 that you believe you will feel comfortable and I’m sure it’s going to present your silver locks in the best light.

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