30 Trendy Inverted Bob Hairstyles With Bangs 2017

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Trendy inverted bob hairstyles – bobs, bobs all over, but no one always listens to ask what is the difference between the different bob styles! What is an inverted bob at all? What distinguishes him from a classic a-line Bob, for example? The main difference lies in the actual technique used for achieving this style.

If you want to know how a reverse Bob is cut, you know that there are stacked layers on your back and slightly curved lines that go forward. You can also allow your frontal strands to reach the shoulder length for an ultra-dramatic statement. Here are some great ideas on inverted bobs, which are inspiring you’ll be after a low maintenance, yet modern haircut.

Popular inverted Bob hairstyles


The curved horseshoe shape of the neck area makes this kind of Bob stand out from his peers. Speaking of terms, an inverted Bob and a graded Bob are the same things.

While most of the looks with reversed cuts use a gradual increase in the length from the neck to the front, this hairstyle cuts directly to the point. By cutting half of your hair into the neck line, and the remaining symmetrical sections elongated almost to the base of the neck, you get an interesting spin on the classic style.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017

If your inverted Bob is looking limp and you do not have time for an appointment with your stylist, one of the best ways to boost volume is with lures. A curled texture gives immediate results with extra fullness and strength.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 a

One of the most popular dye trends is to leave the roots too dark for an edgy, lived in appearance. Plus, it is economical, because it shortens the amount of visits you have to make your stylist for touch ups.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 b

A long inverted Bob is straight or wavy more often. Many women shy away from being lured because they appear too heavy or overwhelming. The key is to use color strategically to break down the thickness and make your locks look lighter.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 c

There is a reason why people attracted the fascination of the rising sun – the beautiful colors! Accentuation of orange hair with highlights of pink and red creates a wash of mixed colors similar to the jewel toned sunrise. It is perfect for a woman with a little imagination.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 d

If you feel that your long inverted bob your delicate face is overpowering, dig the side piece for something that will frame your face without hiding it. Fringe pony are suitable for attention to your eyes, so to emphasize with tons of eyelash tusks or extensions.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 e

A trick for round faces to add length forward to a statement form of your cut. By installing an extreme angle, you can extend your facial shape to the eye to lengthen the ends of the hair visually. It is a quick trick and it is much easier than any drastic or elaborate measures such as contouring with makeup.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 f

Although the angle is less sharp on the inverted Bob haircut, it still has the same lengthening effect. A striking color like this is exciting and brightens warm complexion. This is a simple and flattering style that will look great on many women.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 g

If all you want is a classic and uncomplicated look, you can not be wrong with this shoulder length hairstyle that meets all the right style notes. The shaggy layers are effortless, and the thin blonde highlights are super nice and harmonious. This cut is perfect for a mature lady, the youthful appearance still wants age-appropriate.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 h

If you love the look of long flowing curls, but do not want to commit the time it takes to maintain them, this inverted Bob haircut is picking up for you. The loose waves are still romantic and seductive, but they do not burden you as longer styles.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 i

From the front this looks like a regular, Bob angled, but the rear view tells a different story. There is a stacked bob with a few long pieces in the front for a tempting twist on the standard cut; A great way to stand out from the rest.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 j

The quality of the cut is important for your new short inverted Bob, but that does not mean that you should ignore color as an opportunity to raise your look. Pairing a warm red with a cool blonde tone creates a visually exhilarating hair color that is flattering without the over the top.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 k

Just because you reverse the angle of the layer for a longer effect around your face, does not mean you can not use it elsewhere in your style. Chopped up are the crown your inverted Bob with Pony is a great way to add edge and increase movement within your style.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 l

Instead of the popular dark roots trend try with color something else. A peek-a-boo black stripe around your neck makes your look instantly fashionable. Plus, if you decide to cover it, the deep color will increase below, wealth and the depth of your ash blonde strands.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 m

Some hair colors just couple incredibly well. Brown and golden tones work wonderful inverted Bob hairstyles they are complementary, as the contrast still allows the lighter color pop. In addition, both brightness add to any skin tone.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 n

Many tees use dramatic flourishes, but all that jazz may not be for every woman. If the subtle style is more your thing, this picture shows something you’ll love to rock because it’s classy and chic, no extreme.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 o

A great way to spice up your Bob hairstyle is to use pony. Ladies who have round faces should emphasize their hairstyles with pony side. They make the face contour and still look soft and romantic.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 p

Black women can boast of envious hair strength, which is a great plus for a classic Bob haircut. Choppy layers provide the right texture at the ends that gives rounded silhouette. The bold fiery red tops give this look a great hipness thrust.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 q

Want to try to look at a classic Paris? Add your Bob’s short finely chopped pony. They immediately take you to the top of the charts sophistication. And if someone asks you how to style this look, just flinch and say “Oh, I look out of bed”. And you will be the truth!

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 r

Here is the ultimate manic pixie dream woman inverted Bob as it is wearing highlights in all the colors of the rainbow! The wispy pops and front tips make who’s wearing it, look like a fairy!

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 s

This style will work with a business casual look, but it also brings you out on the town, in your most glamorous mini. Keep in mind that the side crest seen in this style makes it one of the best inverted Bob hairstyles for round faces, as it frame a big task of the wearer’s face

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 t

Slender straight hair, central farewell and fringe-less hair attachment arouses a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere of the 90s to Bob. So cool and noble, right?

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 u

For the hipster this is a must-have style inverted Pixie Bob. Add a little gel, moose or spray to the tips and you are all set. The contrast of the neck undercut and steep lure at the top is amazing!

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 v

The beauty of inverted Bob hairstyles lies in their versatility as this highlighted version shows. We recommend it especially for women with bright eyes, because the brown blond strands will draw all attention to them.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 w

Sometimes we are asked how our haircut will look when it grows. Wispy, outgrown strands, ruffled texture and swoopy pony are still charming as you can see.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 x

Fat and minimalist are the mots du jour for this style. The distinct separation, blunt edges and smooth layers on the back all come together stacked in a look that is as timeless as it is modern.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 y

Inverted bobs also go nicely with a mane lure enough. This look embodies Boho’s complaint; If you are not convinced, try to visualize with a long flowery summer dress and a silky scarf draped around the shoulders.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 z

This beautiful bob is suitable for straight, thick hair that has exactly the right amount of volume that this style needs. Monochromatic color can also be interesting – it will not distract the shape of your cut and the texture of your style.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 1

Layered, parted effortlessly on the one hand and charming – that is the definition of the inverted Bob with side swept pony. Depending on the brevity of the shifts may still require some styling product for extra hold styling it will never be however more complex than using a circular brushing blow dry.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 2

This cut is referred to as a layered Bob, since the layers are stacked from the crown of the head to the neck one on top of the other. An inverted bob is shorter and the front layers are longer. This is ideal for women with fine hair as this cutting technique creates abundance.

Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas 2017 3

An inverted Bob is a style that requires little to no maintenance. If correct, cut the natural lines of the hair, all you need is a bit of volumizing product and / or attachment spray hairspray, a classic style “do. If you do not know any products that are particularly good with this style, do not hesitate to tell us ok? So what is your inverted Bob styling secret?

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