37 Best Female Short Haircuts for Thick Hair Cuts

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Blackhairstyleshq.com – If you are gifted by nature with thick hair, you are the envy of many women worldwide. She had never been concerned with the issue of limp hair or the lack of volume in hairstyles. Not only clean and well-groomed, thick locks are natural jewels, which does not need any demanding rim with regard to unusual hairstyles.

At the same time, thick hair can be difficult to feel in longer lengths. In this case, a short haircut is an excellent solution. This article with cool pictures will help you make the right choice for a short haircut for thick hair.

Short hair cuts and hairstyles for thick hair


So, have you opted for a great harvest for your luxurious thick lure? Most people do not understand you, but we do. Short cuts often look much sharper than longer styles. And if you have mastered like your short haircut style, you are happy the one who always have an enviously perfect casual look. Here you will have ideas for your Bob , Pixie or whatever shortcut haircut you have decided upon this time.

Short hair cuts for thick hair look great when straps are straightened. Choosing a slim blowout when you style ensures that every natural height and volume is balanced. The layers are shorter in the back and sides for a fun, flirty cut.

short hairstyles for thick hair 1

This acronym is to touch and soft with natural-looking, light waves. This is a really great hairstyle universally flattering for thick, thin or fine hair. With thick hair you should have a slightly longer duration – just a few inches more.

With short thick hair you do not have to limit yourself. You just need to make sure you are in good hands. This mats look uses a racying technique to keep the longer pieces smooth and slicked back. Plus as razored strings sink on the super short neck, the style is lean (not poufy).

short hairstyles for thick hair 3

The popular a-line style is known for being good on thin hair and hard with thick hair pull off. But when properly layered, it just looks great on thicker hair. Particularly smooth hair can adjust this way more easily – which usually creates much flattering volume.

short hairstyles for thick hair 4

The short length of this hairstyle does not mean that trendy coloring is out of the question. To keep it sophisticated, colors can not just go too bright, but just a few nuances brighter than the rest of the hair. This sweet style is very youthful.

short hairstyles for thick hair female bob hair cut 2017

Who said a blonde should have long hair? A short haircut looks no less impressive and stylish, and it can make you stand out from the crowd of the other blondes. You have to styling your short haircut, bring the smoothness of the textures with hairspray, but remember not to exaggerate to get the movement and ease of your shortened locks.

short hairstyles for thick hair female 2017 a

Shorter versions of the Bob to acquire thick hair risk a triangular shape. But ask your hairdresser to add some layering to the section under-the-ear and style your lined up inside, you will get this look simple and gorgeous. Paired with side shakes pony which will blend with the layering of your cut, it will be a step closer to absolute perfection.

short hairstyles for thick hair female 2017 b

This type of hairstyle has gained great popularity among business women over 30, because the “cap” is not too sophisticated in styling while it provides fabulous band at the neck. Depending on your area shape and section, “Cap” will be shortened or lengthened. This hairstyle looks particularly creative when applied to the hair dyed in cool blonde or copper tones.

short hairstyles for thick hair female 2017 c

The French haircut is characterized by an angular texture and is generally pierced. Despite the fact that it looks pretty messy and disorganized, also become popular with older women. Not every woman is ready for a really short length. French cut is elongated in the temples and neck, making it turns out to be a particularly attractive option because of its plasticity, fineness and the compromise length.

short hairstyles for thick hair female 2017 d

A short stratified haircut for your ears with trimmed ends styled in this fabulous messy hairstyle with the feel of wind in the hair. A high-rise mousse prevents sticking and this fantastic band directed upward to the crown support. And do not forget to define the rugged edges for an ultra chic finish.

short hairstyles for thick hair female 2017 e

Many women blessed with fat hair who have tried to go short have horror stories. Who walked like a triangle? Layers are the key for short to medium formats. You do not need to remove volume. The look needs only an overall appealing form.

short hairstyles for thick hair female 2017 f

Pixies has been around for a long time, a go-to low maintenance style of ladies who appreciate their hair and time. This classic cut is a dream that will come true for “difficult” lure. Once you get a short haircut, you’ll be dealing with the process of care instead of styling. As long as you keep with your cuts to maintain the short length, your chic Pixie will work virtually all the styling for you!

short hairstyles for thick hair female 2017 g

This look is all about the band! To imitate this beautiful and large hairstyle, you have to start straight out of the shower and have the right products ready. If you blow after applying some mousse or texturizing spray with your head turned upside down, you will find that your pixie remains just as voluminous as you do until the end of the day.

short hairstyles for thick hair female 2017 h

If you have anything other than your common short bob haircut, try a long pixie. It is fluffy and fun, ideal as a transition to longer locks. In the event that you want to give a flirtatious disposition, this look is for you. The trick to perfecting this short hairstyle for thick hair is of course to air dry so as to reveal your natural texture.

short hairstyles for thick hair female 2017 i

This cool cut is a dream come true, the naughty red-haired. Shorter styles paired with bold eye makeup always make a statement and so bright colors can do. This pixie first impresses with its bright red color. You can have the same fun re-collision with pastel colors, such as pink or blue.

short hairstyles for thick hair female 2017 j

This hairstyle is a stroke of luck for fat hair! Keep your natural volume and strength without the bulk and the accompanying frizz. The layered pieces work together to form the gorgeous wispy style. The only hair product that you need to make this look at home is leave-in conditioner.

short hairstyles for thick hair female 2017 k

Classic Bob has not been out of fashion for at least 100 years, and it remains one of the most popular hairstyles for women. Bob can look wonderful on thick hair, if your stylist uses the technique of the inverse layering, a rejuvenation of the length on the inside (the hair that is closer to your skin). This technique rounds the edges and softens the thickness of your locks at the ends. Bob is also a comfortable haircut in everyday life: it easily transforms into an evening hairstyle thanks to light waves formed by a curling iron or thermal rollers.

short hairstyles for thick hair female Smooth Hair 2017

With thick smooth hair, a well-cut pelie requires no special styling, look great. Even though you can get your hair out with a blob of mice for an extra messy touch always up. Stylish your pony on one side and look at subtle highlights. They always give a charming sun-drenched feeling.

short hairstyles for thick hair female Pixie hair 2017

If you want a change for your funky prickly pixie, a down sleeked style is a good solution. You do not have to make it, completely smooth and polished. Rough texture gives it a chic and little wild look, while subtle accents just put the right amount of spice.

short hairstyles for thick hair female Bob Hairstyle

Great styling options usually give Bob hairstyles for thick hair like this. It comprises 2 lengths: the first length cut on the line that defines the low neck section and the second is the middle layer that overlaps the first length. The hairstyle will flatter women with a sleek graceful neck and balanced facial shape. It will also emphasize your delicate facial features.

short hairstyles for thick hair female Bob Hairstyle 2017

Coloring helps to play up the texture of your hairstyle. The rightly chosen shades will be bright to refresh your look, your skin tone and emphasize your eyes. So if you want to work your new hairstyle to the fullest, please, do not save on a professional colorist while getting into yourself invested money pays off!

short hairstyles for thick hair female Bob Hairstyle 2017 a

Like a friend’s style, Indierock today is at the height of its popularity. Chaotic styling for a short haircut with elongated temple locks, leather jacket with metal embellishments, textured knitwear and ankle boots complete the look, successfully and actively utilized by stylists. It should be mentioned that a haircut in the Indierock style is a good idea, not just for straight, but also for curly hair. It will bring out the rebellious texture of the latter.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Curly Hairstyle 2017 a

With short hairstyles for thick hair, it is best to form generous layering that will shape the shape of your style. The front pieces, which are a little more like those around the ears, keep them nervous. source

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Curly Hairstyle 2017 b

The deep side portion and asymmetry of this cut provide for a modern look, which is very flattering and suitable for thick or fine hair. You can show your features and still have a little hair to play with. For the longer piece, you can curl it, straighten it, behind the ear or stap it back.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Shag Hairstyle 2017

For women with thick hair, layered short hair cuts are not out of reach. If you prefer shorter “Dos, you can have a sweet layered bob with a length in the neck for a low maintenance hairstyle.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Medium Hairstyle 2017

This style has the appearance of no layering, because the shaded planes are shorter. For short to medium hairstyles that look flirty and feminine, be sure to blowout hair with a very large barrel round brush. This will create body and short hair extra swingy and bouncy.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Straight Hair 2017

This bob looks beautiful on straight hair. Instead of pony you choose for layers in the front that spring backwards. This gives the style much flow and movement. The signature remains all a length, the hair style, noble and sophisticated.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Cute Short Bob Hair

Women with thick hair look great with medium short hair cuts – as long as there is room for layering looks. This generously feathered look is the right mix of punky and sophisticated. A simple cut looks best with a bold colors when you’re going for a statement look that is still classy.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Cute Short Bob Hair 2017

A layered Bob haircut is a great way to keep thick hair tame. Instead of panting at the first signs of moisture, this style will only grow in a workable volume instead of impossible frizz. Be sure to use mousse directly from the shower to promote the texture.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Cute Short Bob Hair 2017 a

The popular Twiggy style is a great half-time between Bob and a fairy. It is short in the front with side swept pony and longer in the back and around the ears. It is a perfectly elegant look for any occasion and an easy way to hold classy every day.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Cute Short Bob Hair 2017 b

This fabulous cut takes the excessive thickness out of the short hair and transforms it into a perfectly rounded style with carefully cut layers. It is beautiful and modern, an unforgettable sight! While it is short enough to be simple and fun, it is also long enough to tie it with an elastic if necessary.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Cute Short Bob Hair 2017 c

If you have thick hair, a constant problem is like style, so it does not look & amp; Feel heavy or blocky. Layering and short length are good solutions. With this fabulous Pixie you can have some chic long, side swept pony sports that are guaranteed to soften your look.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Cute Short Bob Hair 2017 d

Short cuts are the most fun way to freshen up your look. Suddenly you are weightless! Leather jacket looks certainly less serious when paired with a nice wavy style. The natural grain proves that short hair can definitely be low-maintenance. Just use a mouse before air drying. Roll later, fast forward.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Voluminous

This straight hairstyle is perfection. Very portable and flattering, the cut is the right balance between flat and voluminous. The simplicity of the styling makes it teenagers. Ask your stylist for a bob, which lay subtly longer in the front with hardly there.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Voluminous 2017

Short hair cuts for thick hair do not have to be straight. If you have a texture of naturally wavy, curly hair, you can still pull a short cut. When air dry, use usable products and finger comb the hair in different directions. Use heat tools to properly get in the front of the bangs.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female 2017 l

This is a stunning take to the layered Pixie Bob cut. A short to medium-term Pixie cut can not make you quite so naked and exposed, especially when you feel a first time players in the game short hair. The dimensional color with darker roots and lavender underlines, is totally desirable.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Colour Bob Hair 2017

Experiment with color when you’re not ready to go all out, choose peek-a-boos that are not too light. Short cuts show such hidden highlights better so make sure they are not drastically different in tone compared to the rest of your hair.

short hairstyles for thick hair Female Cute Bob Hair

It’s simple, cool and stylish with a short style look if you pay attention to the details. Choosing the right haircut and the right styling products will make your hair styling life immensely easier.

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