39 Inspiring Cute Long Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts 2017

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Blackhairstyleshq.com – A long bob or praise, as he was commonly called continually called the hairstyle of the year. It is a much deserved recognition because the style creates it flattering for a variety of different facial shapes, hair structure and complexion. To put it simply, praise is classic and universal. Find the perfect variation for you in our gallery below.

Long Bob Hairstyles 2017

Business areas are beautiful in any texture – straight and smooth or wavy and chaotic. You can wear your praise as a downdo or lift your lure into a kind of plug-in or half-up hairstyle – so many options and there is always a quick and easy styling method, depending on your hair type.

Stacked style enhances the hair volume by using a fair amount of layers during the back. This look takes the fullness to the next level with chaotic strings and a fine side bang. If you are looking for tips on how to style your long bob hairstyle, try to easily beat up and adjust with a light hold hairspray, disheveled send effect as in the photo.


Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017

A shaggy hairstyle is perfectly bohemian and it is perfect for a woman who prefers flowing dresses as well as a simple t-shirt and jeans combo instead of pencil skirts and figurbetonten outfits. Gradual brightening also brightens your overall appearance.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 a

This hairstyle can not be particularly nervous, but it means the beauty and confidence that it seeps. It is a timeless style that remains relevant. It fits a woman who wants to look good without seeming how she tries too hard.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 b

Thick smooth hair appears without too many layers and colors, just a bright side bangful. It is a simple appearance, which is able to work just as casually as it would, in formal assemblies; A musthave style for a prominent that has places to go.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 c

This long Bob gets his nervousness from front pieces, which is quite a bit longer than the rest of the stratified strands, about two and a half inches. The peekaboo blonde highlights this frame the face and lighter finishes make this not just trendy, but incredibly flattering. Keep hair soft and to touch with smooth styling creams.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 d

Styles of unequal length are so funny to rock. You get the simple short hair while still stuck it long enough behind your ears. In addition, you have a touch of mystery. The Ombre effect is professional. Not only are the transitions at the point, but the sound is just right.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 e

For a messy bob with lots of volume, be sure to request your stylist layers that are shorter in the back. The Balayage with thin highlights ensures a natural look. No need for curling irons here. Just use a big round brush during your blowout.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 f

This long Bob cut gets its shape from layers, which is slightly shorter in the back and pieces remain longer in the front. If you are looking for a no-heat solution, waves, spray hair with a salt spray, then just braid the upper half of the hair. Leave in a few hours, then deconstruct.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 g

Side swept heavy pony with peekaboos lend a modern touch to this praise. Bright blonde highlights enliven the overall appearance. Volume removal with a hair straightener can be essential with thick hair.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 h

Long bobs look great in trendy white blonde shades. We are pretty sure all our favorite divas (and our hottest friends) have tried this. Grown from roots, it prevents too high maintenance costs, which is at least anyone’s favorite blond. Blunt ends hold modern.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 i

The multi-toned pastel pink is really nice. Peach, pink and pale yellow come together for a sweet look. Lobs, if done right, have a lot of personality on their own. But the game definitely choose a pastel color. To take it off, shoot for lean, frizz-free hair using serums on the daily newspaper.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 j

This straight Bob is one of our favorite styles. Long side pony mark the cheekbones and give it a sexy, flirty look. The caramel color with dark under layers gives the style dimensionality – elevating it up above your average bob. After blowing out the mold to create, straighten and perfect.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 k

This city-chic praise haircut is a cool customer. Ashy Blond meets champagne blond for a style that is perfect tone. To choose everything spot on, cool-toned clothes. With thinner hair it is easier to create a sleek, dull edge cut. Swingy, playful castles for victory!

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 l

This dazzling Rotton is a great way to stand out. Dimension usually provides an all-over color, absent curling hair, making it the way changes the shadow the light catches. To do this, lure strands in the middle, but just leave them at the end.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 m

Curl your hair on the back of the head and not up to the top, and you will divert waves into a new, funny direction that will accentuate every incision. And the best thing is, this work on both thick and thin hair, and the longer your length, the more beautiful it will be.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 n

Show off your flaming hot personality and sexy appeal with this hairstyle that includes shape, texture and color for a stunning last look. This also works on many different ethnicities – so choose a shade of red or orange that is truly lit against your natural ground color.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 o

No to a Sideswept blonde hairstyle, the softly beautiful facial frames, no one can say. This is ideal for girls who like to wear their hair shoulder-length or shorter, and if your hair is of medium texture, you have a simpler time to peel off this.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 p

This long Bob haircut gives thinner hair, giving a new life with multiple levels and strategic highlights. A perfect, low maintenance style for ladies who grow their locks.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 q

Long Bob hairstyles are very popular, right now, especially since they work with almost every hair type. Straight or curly, thick or thin – a praise can be manipulated to a beautiful end product on each head.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 r

Keep your medium hair too long disheveled and modern messy with the help of a hair styler that provides plenty of body and shape. This is especially important when you go fine hair – this cut it beef will go without overboard.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 s

Keep things vintage with beautiful, perfectly adjusted waves that seem to float over the shoulders. A darker under color brings even more dimension and style to this classic reject look that works on a variety of hair structure.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 t

An asymmetric bob can sometimes be veer edged in certain masses. If you want to polish your look immediately, simply store pieces behind your ears. Amazingly, this simple measure completely changes your overall appearance to it from mysterious approachable.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 u

Strawberry blonde hair is the perfect blend between blond and red. A long blonde cut plays so well with beautiful green eyes of the girl. If you’re a green-eyed beauty looking for a classic look, you can not go wrong with this color / cut combination.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 v

In modern interpretation Bob is often styled in beach waves. Using some sea salt spray, a shoulder length Bob is an untainted look with an effortless vibe transformed from a heavy style. It is a perfect everyday look.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 1

Of the many types of praise that you have seen, you can not encounter this particular brand of Ombre. The trend has advanced enough that stylists are taking their own path – not to keep natural colors. The violet-tinted red faded to orange-red and then to a soft peach hue. So cute!

The number one thing about this look is color! Long Bob hairstyles always look great when styled with that, messy, reversed. But when made in caramel and gold, it is almost too amazing to stand. With shorter locks, light becomes much easier than you get regular trims and not to worry about split ends.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 3

This praise is very nice. Side panel? Check. Scarcely there? Check. Striking edge? Check. What distinguishes it is the ashy tone. Gold colors look horrendous at the wrong girl. With certain skin colors, like olive, sandy blondes are far more successful.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 004

This cute little number has so much volume! This is the type of hairstyle that will run you all day fingers through the hair. Curved locks and long bangs that fall into the face are universally flattering. Style, blow up hair and forward it so that it falls on the cheek-skimming splendor.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 005

This stunning look is amazingly easy to style. Use a large drum curl with no brace and wrap large parts of the hair around one or two times until the end of the piece so that it will not get curled. Only the midshaft curling means super-styling.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 006

A praise haircut is a great way to make a covering color shine. Because simplicity is a large part of this cut, all-over color paired with straight locks is very chic. If you have medium skin tone and freckles, please try oh, please, this color. It’s you guess it …. everything.

Cute Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 7

Love to blond but enjoy the easy maintenance of brown hair? Bring the best of both worlds with this two-colored praise, which otherwise brings banal hair texture and fun.

Long Bob Female Hairstyle 2017

Ladies with baby faces or round cheeks tend to gravitate towards styles with a slimming effect. A side piece directs the hair falling over the cheeks to present the longer middle part of the face. Wavy hair also keeps the style too smooth, which further highlights a round face.

Long Bob Female Hairstyle 2017 a

A smoky gray and black blend is a popular color combo this year. While over the past decades, finding a gray hair would be traumatizing, now it is full of women, young and old. This color combination gives the ultimate “hipster chic” mood.

Long Bob Female Hairstyle 2017 b

Red hair can be very sophisticated and not the bright Ronald McDonald coloring that may first come to mind. This reddish-brown color packs a punch-through and your look without being illuminated on the shock value of a Crayola-inspired color. Complete your chic color with flirty, ruffled layers.

Long Bob Female Hairstyle 2017 c

Who says blondes have more fun? Prove that they are wrong with a vivid red-orange hair color that will attract attention. A bob cut helps layers and lure to accentuate.

Long Bob Female Hairstyle 2017 d

If your hair tends to be on the finer end of the spectrum, do not fret – a long Bob is actually the perfect style for you. Hair is thickened up under the buoyancy of the volume, which brings you glamor and confidence.

Long Bob Female Hairstyle 2017 e

Hair, the shoulder length or more can try this nasty fun, the wave is actually achieved by the use of a flat iron. Instead of pulling the iron vertically down, bend it while reaching the earline and then continue to straighten as usual. If your hair is very long, you should do more than one curve along the way.

Long Bob Female Hairstyle 2017 f

Bob hairstyles sometimes still carry the stigma of the short and thick, which could not be farther from the truth with today’s BVG styles. This hairstyle is as simple as it gets with a midsection and stick straight strands – which you do not probably notice, however, is the big increase in volume that comes from the slanting incision.

Long Bob Female Hairstyle 2017 g

Hair chalk is so much fun to experiment with, and it does not come with any kind of risk – the color is washed whenever you say it too. A long bob combined with a touch of color that might not come from Mother Nature is a great addition to any style update.

Long Bob Female Hairstyle 2017 h

Long Bob hairstyles can work for any occasion that can throw your way. They are confident that they do not require much maintenance. The best part is that you can still rock a horsetail, which can definitely be important for busy women today. Whatever your choice, there is a perfect hairstyle for every woman.See Also  25 Cute Short Bob Hairstyle 2017

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