39 Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown, Caramel and Red Highlights

39 Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown, Caramel and Red Highlights is free HD wallpaper. This wallpaper was upload at June 20, 2017 upload by Admin in Long Hairstyles.

Balayage Hair Color is a French technique which is the latest trend of dye to gain international popularity. The goal is to create soft, natural looking highlights, which look more modern as traditional coloring methods. Check out our Top 39 options in the gallery below.

What is Balayage?

Unlike standard lifting methods, with which foil or a cap, balayage is strictly freehand where the paint is painted. You can reinforce the hue of a soft wash to vary bright and vigorous depending on your personal preference.


Outside the circumcised short-haired, it can work on the most diverse hair lengths, textures and colors, making it truly universal and flattering for all women. Most are pulled towards him because the maintenance is relatively low; Many are able to go four months between color treatments.

Reddish tones of brown are also a very popular solution in Balayage. You can use chocolate brown or dark burgundy as the darkest basic color and then pair it with chunky caramel the highlights of course need a pinch of blonde to set off the used colors.

Medium Balayage Hairstyles on The Shaggy Waves

This mixture of brown looks enchanting on the shaggy waves. It is truly an art to compose a mixture that is so natural-looking and, at the same time, sophisticated and exquisite. A woman who does not show the effort that puts you in this gorgeous look, will love the idea.

Long Balayage Hairstyles With Ombre

Most examples of balayage on the internet are with long hair. Shoulder length lure but also look very nice with Ombre and Balayage. Brunettes who want to brighten their hair clearly can go this sweet idea with a light brown tone around face, dark blond at the ends and a pinch of the lightest blonde to go over the entire length.

Long Balayage Hairstyles With Bob

A modern textured Bob worn effortlessly in loose ruffled waves always victories of subtle touch of color called to increase the texture and the dimension of the middle-length hair when you wear it back.

Long Balayage Beauty Hairstyles Female 2017

Sometimes you do not want to distract additional colors from the beauty of your healthy curving curls. In this case, subtle balayage highlights, a little more intense for the face-framing strands, exactly what matters. An exquisite addition, but no imposing attraction.

Long Caramel Balayage Beauty Hairstyles Female 2017

Caramel Balayage always looks twice appealing because it is not only pleasant for the eye, it arouses your culinary senses. Caramel and chocolate is the sweetest pair, as is generally known. Applying this combo to clothing or hair dyeing is definitely a success

Long Dark Brown Balayage Beauty Hairstyles Female 2017

This color solution suggests washing out the paint at the ends with a dark brown base peeking through the adorable ash brown waves. It is a good idea for medium hair, if you want to go a few tones lighter, but the root color.

Long Brunette Balayage Beauty Hairstyles Female 2017

Brunette Balayage have as many varieties as you can imagine. If you lock a natural look of the sun faded, caramel and blonde tones are a worthy choice. These colors can breathe your common chopped Bob haircut new life..

Long Beauty Dark Brown Balayage Beauty Hairstyles Female 2017

Dark brown hair and balayage highlights complement each other wonderfully, as this beautiful hair color choice occupies. With the chocolate brown base diluted with caramel highlights, this is absolutely uncomplicated and flattering. Totally undone waves also keep this look fashionable and fresh.

Long Brown Balayage Beauty Hairstyles Female 2017

Compared to caramel, Auburn may be less hair color popular for brown balayage, but it is no less beautiful. If you do not want a hair color that cries: “Look at me!”, But still want some colorful variety and interested in your locks, consider this option.

Long Dark Brown Balayage Beauty Hairstyles Female 2017 1

With long dark brown hair, it is usually flattering to brighten up the face framing pieces. This may either have rather thin strips or relatively large portions with blurred edges as in this example. This solution provides an inconspicuous variety for the hair that you usually like.

Long Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017

Tanned skin and ruffled waves with sun-drenched highlights are the two most important attributes of a sexy surfer look. If it flatters you, regardless of season wear, which pair perfectly match with medium chocolate coloring highlights with caramel.

Long Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017 a

It is no secret that blonde hair is always intended to collect a wide variety of attention from admirers everywhere. This beautiful beach blonde balayage provides a perfect blend of medium and bright tones that come together to lend the hair dimension. And still it would not be viewed a real beach blonde look when some beautiful, flowy waves were placed throughout, not create a soft and effortless style.

Long Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017 b

Using color to define the layers in your new haircut is another popular trick you can use to update your look. In this case, you can go for a much brighter, if the result should be clearly visible. Subtile touches of a darker hue would, however, work here.

Long Brown Blonde Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017

If you combine the colors of brown and blonde, you will see a beautiful caramel balayage as the solution here. Shoulder length hair is lightly layered and styled with an elegant midsection and soft face-framing waves. The end result is modern with a touch of Edge.

Long Natural Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017

Some girls prefer to disturb as little as possible in their natural beauty. If you are a spirited brunette, chances are you will love your natural hair color and do not want to change drastically. Very subtle balayage highlights just give your lure some additional shine. No one would ever suspect that you are visiting a colorist.

Medium Brown Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017

The medium brown mixture with swabs of dark honey, strips of flaxen blond and occasional chocolate ribbons in between provides the complexity of the color, which is not so easy to copy. You’ll probably get something similar but not exactly the same. This solution balayage is particularly flattering for the tanned skin.

Long Pretty Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017

This pretty color solution is dazzling as it reaches the brightest platinum notes at certain points. Brown and blond blend can give the feeling of warmth or cool. This is the coolest combination possible.

Long Pretty Balayage Natural Hairstyles Female 2017

Balayage highlights can be much easier than your natural hair color and still look very sophisticated thanks to the seamless trasitions of haircolors of dark brown with bright chocolate caramel blond – the sweetest mixture ever.

Long Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017 c

Pairing of warm and cool tinted highlights for everyone does not work, but it is a nice look if you have a neutral skin tone. This concept is perfect when mixing red and ash blonde together because it can lower the brightness of this bold combination.

Medium Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017 c

Highlights for dark hair can look good when (like a soft brown) muted or bright and striking (like this blonde version). The trick is to blend the colors perfectly together. These caramel blondes create perfect transition from black hair to light blonde ends.

Medium Cinnamon Balayage Black Hairstyles Female 2017

Cinnamon provides an impressive addition to black hair. The beautiful balayage pieces really help the layers stand out, create an effortless, feminine style that is modern without appearing even fake. Ask your stylist for highlights, starting from the temple and angle to the back of the neck.

Medium Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017 d

Balayage hair is the number one trend for highlights. Remember when all used to have highlights that were thick at the root? This oldschool technique creates tangible roots and can easily see fake. Through the gradual integration of highlights and mixing of colors, you achieve a more youthful, natural style.

Medium Dark Brown Blonde Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017

If you want to add to a dark brown blonde, you must go for it! This look is not for the faint of heart, as it looks best when the blond pieces are bright and eye-catching. By combining Ash blond, golden and caramel shades, this version tears the mix perfectly.

Medium Balayage Hairstyles For Thin Hair Female 2017

For barely balayage color, ask your stylist for thin, pliable highlights in a hue or two lighter than your natural color. Have smooth hair, subtle highlights work really well, no need to lure to add. Of course, you can always use waves or lure just for fun style!

Soft Caramel Balayage Hairstyles For Thin Hair Female 2017

This soft caramel color ensures perfect brunette highlights. The lowest layers of deep espresso hair incorporated, the color creates some pretty glimmer of light. If you want to try blonde balayage (but do not want anything too crazy) then ask for hidden highlights like this.

Medium Balayage Hairstyles For Thin Hair Female 2017 a

Red and blond, that means you? We’ve never seen you look so glamorous! No joke though – red and blonde is not easy to pull off, but this version of Balayage is to kill it all over the place. If you know that you are looking with red hair look good and feel this is for you.

Cute Long Balayage Hairstyles For Thin Hair Female 2017

So cute! For a trendy balayage look, ask your stylist for thin highlights over the midshaft and thick under highlights. This honey and caramel tones blend so perfectly – and help tie the dark trunk and the blond finish. To create this lure again, try a curling clipless run.

Medium Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017 e

What makes this balayage style really stand out? The fact that the base color is not present in the ends. If you are looking for a brighter, lighter, ask your stylist for all your ends (instead of just some) color. Their basic color show only at the root and at certain places in the midshaft.

Medium Golden Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017

These tapes goldblond provide for beautiful balayage on dark hair. Keeping your hair long (and incorporating many long layers) is a great way to show off the trendy color. Style waves like these, extra large hot rollers and then shake or comb through the lures.

Long Caramel Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017

Part of the way between caramel and cinnamon, this hair is all fabulous. It is a perfect shadow for the woman to bring out her inner diva. Whether you opt for straight hair, natural curls or wave heat style, it is impossible to go wrong with this pretty color.

Long Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017 d

Do you know the gray hair trend? In addition, it is expand to peekaboos and balayage. If you’re trying to go the ashy, smoky look without all-in, then choose pretty in the shade for your new highlights. Together with a warm, soft brown makes it a modern color combination.

Long Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017 e

This bright color catches the light so pretty. To keep your hair looking soft and supple, be sure to go to regular trims and use products with tons of moisture and protection of the ingredients. For days, when you air dry, leave-in conditioners can help to lessen the damage caused by heat-styling days.

Long Balayage Natural Hairstyles Female 2017

If you love your natural hair color but itching are to try something new, this balayage hair was made for you. Instead of being too aggressive with a new painted on shade, you opt for nothing but face-framing highlights. This way you bring warmth to your skin with minimal damage and low maintenance.

This cool-toned brunette Balayage is all we love about modern hair dyeing techniques. It has the right mix of subtle and palpable. If you have dark hair, this will be a great way to try a new hair color with guaranteed-to-be-flattering results.

Short Modern Balayage Natural Hairstyles Female 2017

This pretty, warm color is beautiful on dark brown hair. The Balayage technique is achieved by strategically painting paint on parts of the hair, so it is no wonder that this coloring method usually results in an artistic representation. This chic, creative look does not disappoint! Cute twists and waves round the style.

Short Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017

While balayage highlights tend to be quite thick, the coloring also looks great when applied with lighter hand – especially when the accent color is just one shade or two different than the base color. If the different level of shadows is great, a subtle balayage technique comes across as dirty (not chic!).

Long Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017 f

These low-end upholstery are adorable, especially when paired with face-framing lures. No curling iron needed for this look! To re-create it, just fold up your hair with a circular brush medium-drum while you dry blow. Be sure to lure the brush under instead of out when you are working the front pieces around the face.

Long Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017 g

If you want to wear down your hair, a middle layered hairstyle is the best choice. When she is fat and choppy, you support her mind with a dramatic balayage job. Browse the ends of the layers with a shadow much lighter than your basic color. Light caramel brown on black is a pretty good idea.

Long Balayage Hairstyles Female 2017 h

Balayage hair color range from white blonde to deep black, with varying intensity depending on your wishes. With minimal maintenance and maximum effect, this is an ideal coloring technique for every woman.

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