Easy Formal Hairstyles For Long Hair With Dress

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Whether for a fun party with friends, a gala evening at the opera, or a wild dance at the club, the best styling or the coolest t-shirt does not really stand out without the perfect evening dress. Evening dresses are available for every occasion and for every hair – short, medium or long. They vary from casual styling, which looks as intended “un-frozen” to the voluminous whale-mane. Even an elegant high-neck styling is extremely stylish and rounds off the festive outfit in a perfect way. Also very trendy: Perfectly smoothed hair combined with expressive eye make-up and a extravagant dress! By the way, braided hairdressers have long since lost their costume: Today they are seen on the red carpets all over the world as well as on many other events, premieres and similar events. Their plus: they look not only super, but are almost an evening dresser with “durability guarantee” – and for the whole evening!


Sometimes it is also easy to give the hair a whole new, unusual look, in the evening to become a real eye-catcher! But whether glamorous, fancy, extravagant, solemn or sophisticated, it is important to discover a hairstyling for yourself, which is not only suitable for a particular type, but also fits into the occasion. And even the texture of the hair itself plays an important role: If it is naturally fine and powerless, an artistically enchanted curly hair will scarcely exceed two, three hours. And if a natural curuse is to turn into a sleeky look for the evening, one has to consider one thing: When dancing, one gets easily sweating – also at the scalp. However, crimping cakes love moisture and thus reach their peak. If that is not desired: curls can be marvelously transformed into a soft, Casual updo. If then still powerful isupupiert, is the very special evening dressing look almost already perfect!

Evening Dresses


Evening Dresses


Christmas is rather quiet and solemn, but on New Year’s Eve you can have it krachen! The corks are popping up, the time until midnight is so fast, but your New Year’s Eve is just not going to lose the Fasson! Because celebrations like to be in the morning hours, when the new year is already a few hours old! Sure, that the right hairstyling plays a very important role here! In addition to the dresscode, which was given depending on the type of celebration – whether dinner party, wild party or a celebratory concert at the turn of the year – the hairstyle must fit! And keep it, of course. Luckily, there are a number of attractive New Year’s Eve celebrations suitable for such occasions.


You just have to reckon with all, what the New Year’s Eve on 31.12. So everything could happen. From wild snow drifts, to strong winter storms, to endless rain, everything is in it all night! And if you like to admire the colorful firework spectacle at midnight, you should be twice as well equipped: with a hairstyle that will keep the wildest hustle and bustle. If you like it extravagant, your hair can be attached to an oversized haircage on the head and elegantly refined with a fine velvet ribbon or glittering hair jewelery. Also quite new to the season: an elaborately put ponytail, which gives the hair on the upper head seat and support, but in the lengths casually jolts. The guaranties for an unforgettable performance are, of course, New Year’s Eve celebrations with a lot of volume! Whether it is a sumptuous chignon, tempting Hollywood Waves or the hair styling in the trendy Sixties look with an upholstered head. All of these New Year’s Eve dresses are hip, holiday-friendly and prima afterzustylen. And what you should pack in the handbag this night: Haarspray mini-format …

The right New Year 's Eve party

The right New Year ‘s Eve party


If the days are shorter, the nights become longer, then it has come, the time of the great Galashows. There is no shortage of opportunities: on the occasion of events such as award ceremonies, fashion shows or even a festive evening in the opera, woman has many possibilities to put herself and her styling in the best light. What can not be missed here is the festive gala dinner. She underscores the look and is the highlight of a glamorous performance! And for that, almost every means is right, because even the handle in the trick box is allowed in a gala dress: from hair parts for more volume to individual strands and other small gags, everything is in it, which makes nice!


Whether you want to see yourself as an extravagant diva, as a seductive vamp, or rather as a classic beauty, it is the hairstyle that sets the icing on the cake and harmoniously harmonizes the overall work of art! And at a gala concert, it can also be clearly more than usual – that is even a must. Of course this also applies to the festive outfit, as well as to the make-up, where striking highlights such as deep red lips, dark-edged eyes or similar should not be saved.

Gala hairdressers are true masterpieces of a hairdresser. Here, he can develop his entire creative abilities and conjure up works of art that are not seen every day. Whether it is an opulent high-cut haircut with refined details or a curl of all the chicanes (and perhaps a few extra strings, so-called clip-in’s) – you must rely on the specialist in Galafrisur! Even color nuances are not a taboo in a festive gala dress. One of the most important things is one thing: the hair must definitely have a stylish look. And “noble” is the order of the hour anyway, on a gala evening. So that the whole evening so remains – necessarily to small helpers such as hair lambs, spray and comb think! Then a long, unforgettable gala dinner is no longer available!

The gala hairstyle for elegant occasions

The gala hairstyle for elegant occasions

The gala hairstyle for elegant occasions 1

The gala hairstyle for elegant occasions 2


At last you did it! Conclusion with the long school bench press, the many learning and, above all, the trembling before the Abiturpr├╝fungen! Now comes the crowning end of your time at the Gymnasium: the Abiball! And no matter how set and bored he can go with the “official” part – you can in any case assume that it will be a long and wild night! It goes without saying that you will need the perfect dressing-gown in addition to the evening dress and a great make-up. It will be the culmination of your styling! So – what look should it be?


Remember: it will be a long night. Your Abiball-hairstyle should be party-like and also wild dancing as unscathed as possible! The best thing to do is check it out at home, for example, by violently shaking your head, so that you can fix the strands that are loosened. If your hair is short, until you have a clear advantage: even for short hair there are exciting abiball hairstyles! If you wear your hair or long, maybe a great braid dress is a question. Also, a hot plug, which does not always look super ladylike, but can be styled very casually, looks hot. The best way to try out your Abiball hairstyle before the big evening! So you’ll immediately see if you’re really happy with it and become the it-girl of the celebration avancierst!

The Abiball hAIRSTYLE

The Abiball hAIRSTYLE 1


Time to complete! Whether you have successfully passed your dance course, traineeship or any other exam – now it’s time to party! Think about the style you would like to wear this evening – and what kind of finishing hairdo is best: Is it the hip partygirl who likes to wear the hair in the casual undone look? Artfully cuddled and very sexy? Or do you see yourself rather as a brittle beauty with noble clothes, great make-up and a madness? Even a girlish girlie style can look sweet and sexy – for example, with flowers or other hair jewelry in your prom dress and a cute dress with a high waist?


If you want to look completely different from the rest of the world, look no further than the cool Sneek Hairstyling Look. Also the topping of the hair makes a very ordinary haircut a great eyecatcher – especially if you create an extravagant retro look in the style of the Sixties! What do you need? A great idea, appropriate make-up and outfit – and especially a lot of hairspray as well as a good toupe comb or brush! So you rock every final ball and make an appearance that many will envy you …

Long Hairstyle Final ball hairstyle

Final ball hairstyle

Final hair hairstyle for long hair

For long hair the ideal ending ball hair: the side high-piled Chignon gets through the angled sides support and stability


As a real party animal, are you always looking for the hottest styles? The coolest partydresses, the latest makeup trends – and, of course, the hottest party fashions? This is exactly the case with a long party night, especially because you can reinvent your stlye with it again and again: Whether it’s wicked femme fatale, funky hippie girl or hot fucking – just have a look at something new and try it The latest Hairstyling trends are the best!


It is clear: long hairs are and always remain an eyecatcher, because the guys love hot long mane beasts: Whether loosely high-staked with individual striking strands or just flowing and curly falling over the shoulder – it does not take much to make long hair Top Partyfrisur to make! A little hair decoration, matching the rest of the styling, makes the look elegant and unique, giving it a very individual touch. And before you cry to the action: think of the right partners for your partyfrisure look! In addition to hair straighteners, hairdryers and brushes, this also includes the right styling products, such as anti-frizz lotion, volume mousse and texture lotion for creative hairstyles. Because,

Party Hairstyle

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Final hair hairstyle for long hair
Final hair hairstyle for long hair

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