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Every woman dreams of beautiful, full and healthy hair! And so it is a good start to the well-assorted assortment of their favorites. Which is in principle synonymous completely correct. Unfortunately, it is only too often forgotten that beautiful and healthy hair depends to a large extent on the right diet and a balanced way of life. And not just of  good care . For the food provides the building blocks, which stimulate the cell production and stimulate the hair – and also the fingernails – to grow. If the fingernails are very brittle and the hair dull and lackluster, this can indicate a lack of nutrients and nutrients in eating habits. And so it is certain that without the right diet it will be difficult,


It is not for nothing called “beauty vitamin”: The vitamin H or also called biotin is very important for cell growth and therefore for the growth of healthy hair and healthy nails. It also supports the new formation of the skin cells. A genuine all-connoisseur almost in terms of beauty – and happily contained in a variety of food! In nuts, for example, also a super energy supplier, and in eggs, pods such as lentils and beans and whole grain bread. Whether you are going to the muesli or to the grain bread and occasionally an egg to allow – with such a start to the day, the biotin balance screws early in the morning to a good level. In addition, the feeling of saturation after a delicious breakfast with whole grain, cereal and egg keeps far longer than with white flour products.



A further pleasing side effect: these foods also contain zinc, which plays an important role in the event of hair loss , premature graying or brittle hair. The protein is also involved in collagen formation and thus helps to root the hair deeply into the scalp. If it is only inadequate, this leads to hair loss in the worst case. Zinc, however, is not only found in pods, but also in oat flakes and soya products of all kinds. But also the fleshy ones are at their expense in zinc, for it is also contained in a noble beef steak as well as in fried liver.


They provide for the cell and tissue generation and thus also for healthy hair growth: iron, vitamin C and folic acid, rich in dark leaf vegetables. These include chard and green cabbage as well as spinach with its extra portion of potassium. Broccoli and avocados should also be on the menu every now and then: the latter contain plenty of vitamins of the B complex, which are essential for hair and fingernail growth.


Whether carrots, apricots, pumpkins or sweet potatoes: Whose healthy hair and healthy scalp lie at the heart, should not do without these orange-colored foods. They contain the valuable beta-carotene – a pigment that is converted into vitamin A during the digestion process and is responsible for the skin’s renewal process.

And did you know that a yeast white beer not only tastes delicious, but also contributes to beautiful, shiny hair and firm fingernails? For this, the highly dosed biotin is responsible for the yeast. In addition, yeast is an important vitamin B supplier: you can treat yourself to a cool yeast whey every now and then – your hair looks forward to it! And if it is not yours at all – there is also plenty of biotin in walnuts.


However, in walnuts not only biotin, but also the vital omega-3 fatty acids, which our body can not produce alone and which have to be fed from the outside. Salmon, for example, is a classic omega-3 supplier. But also tuna, herring or mackerel contain much of these healthy fatty acids. Whether they are fresh, prepared from the can or from the frozen chill, is not a big part. Vegetable oils such as linseed oil, rapeseed oil or walnut oil also contain Omega-3 and are a valuable addition to the menu! Omega-3 fatty acids not only help to moisturize hair and scalp , but also to strengthen memory, concentration and the heart, as studies report.

In summary, one could say that the listed foods are not only for palate and health, but also for our appearance a real enrichment. Eat nice!

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