20 Best Short Bob Hairstyles for Women

THE BOB – SHAKE IT, BABY! Most women love their long hair. No wonder, therefore, that the grip on scissors is often difficult. There is, however, a hairstyle that makes the walk to the hairdresser much easier to finish with the long lion’s tail: The Bob is the one to whom the women trust! Rightly […]

Best 15 Balayage Hairstyles for Brown Hair and Dark Hair Ideas

HIGHLIGHTS FROM FRANCE: BALAYAGE Color reflections and bright shades in the hair, highlights that seem like kissed by the sun: Balayage highlights are just absolutely en vogue! But while in France you have long enjoyed the natural color look, the discreet color technology has only been the must-have on our heads for about a year. […]

Rainbow Hair Color : This Will Be the Summer Look 2017

Blackhairstyleshq.com – Everything’s so colorful here! If you’ve looked at the fashion shows in February and March of the year, the colorful hustle and bustle of the models’ models has already come to the fore: Rainbow Hair is hot – and the trend is just getting started with increasing spring feelings! Still the creative strands in […]

Wedding Hairstyle – Bridal Hairdressers Latest Trends 2017

Blackhairstyleshq.com – For the bride the wedding day begins with the styling, which is of course very beautiful. With each strand of hair straightened or curled, the beautiful transformation of the woman into a bride begins and thus the beginning of an unforgettable day. This not only increases the anticipation for the unique moment, but the […]

Hair Care – Damaged Hair

Damaged hair The hair feels dull, the cuticle (scaly layer of the hair) is rough, attacked and lackluster. The structure as the fiber layer can be damaged or attacked. Knittstoff, which is responsible for the bounce and the suppleness, was dissolved. The hairspots split, are brittle or break off. The combability and styling are no […]

The Natural Hair Color

Hair color (The pigment melanin in the hair) The natural hair color (blond, brunette, black, red) depends on the amount of the pigments eumelanin and which are embedded in the fiber layer of the hair. In the hair follicles (hair root) are melanocytes (cells) which convert body-specific amino acids into the different kinds of the […]

Best Ager – Because I know What I Want!

Skin and hair change with the years – and thus also their needs. We have compiled for you the care, coloring and cosmetics novelties with which you can offer the signs of the times. Laundry and Care – products that fit you Coloration – gray hair in a new shine Cosmetics – radiantly beautiful skin […]

Hairstyles and Appropriate Hair Care for The Sport

Especially those who practice sports are familiar with the problem: to break the hair and get messed up. The result: a chaotic, inextricable bunch of hair. But with the right tricks and tricks, a long mane can quickly be transformed into a practical hairstyle. Hairstyles do not have to be boring per se. Even from […]

Reverse Washing

First shampoo then conditioner that was yesterday. Reverse washing means the reverse of the hair wash. Apply the rinse first and then the shampoo. During the normal course of the hair wash, the hair is opened with the hair structure and the dandruff layer, so that the wash substances and care products can penetrate into […]