Love Your Hair: Great Tips For Your Home – Are you tired of having great hair after the hairdresser’s visit? Sometimes it is the little things that make the big difference. We will give you ten great tips on how to put your hair into shape with little effort! 1. INVERTED WORLD: FIRST CONDITIONER, THEN WASH It sounds strange, but makes sense: anyone […]

Smooth Hair in Summer

Many women dream of a shining whale-mane. Splice-free tips and a radiant color draw the eyes of others on your head and let the self-confidence rise. Especially in the summer, we like to go outside the door and present our brown-burned body in tight clothes … but if the hair looks like the purest straw, […]

Tips Hair Spliss: Fun Brake for Long Hair

  He is an old acquaintance who likes to make love to women with long hair: the splits. And once you have it on the cheek, you will be hard to get rid of it. How Spliss emerges and what you can do to successfully get the annoying visitor to the limits – here are […]

Tips From The Expert Fat hair

Greasy hair is a real evil: just after washing your hair, everything sticks back to your head! There are many reasons for that. But every day a “Bad Hair Day” – that does not have to be! Here we reveal how you can also turn greasy hair into a loose mane. Anyone suffering from greasy […]

Healthy Eating For Beautiful Hair

Every woman dreams of beautiful, full and healthy hair! And so it is a good start to the well-assorted assortment of their favorites. Which is in principle synonymous completely correct. Unfortunately, it is only too often forgotten that beautiful and healthy hair depends to a large extent on the right diet and a balanced way […]

Tips For Fine and Thin Hair: The Causes

A small difference with great effect. It is only 0.02 millimeters, which distinguish between thin and thick hair, as you can read here . The reason for this are genetic predispositions which, among other things, are responsible for the composition of the hair. Age also plays a role in thin hair. Because with age they […]

Hats off! The Best Style and Care Tips For Hair in Winter

Every year again: in the winter, where one is already suffering from the long, dark days and the icy cold, the hair also plays crazy. Why is it that our hair feels as terribly brittle and dry as it gets cold? In addition, each brush stroke or the removal of the cap is statically charged […]

Crazy Hair Hacks: Unusual Care and Beauty Tips For Your Hair – Washing, grooming, styling – that was yesterday. Today, there are lots of hair hacks that mix the usual beauty ritual. We show you the latest trends in how to get the best of yourself and your hair! COLOR CONTOURING: THE HAIR FORMS THE FACE Beautyaffinen Ladies the contouring from the decorative cosmetics is of […]

Hair Care – Tips and Tricks For Powerful, Shiny Hair – Hair is only beauty in the long run if it is nurtured according to your needs. However, there is such a large mass of hair care products on the market that consumers often feel overwhelmed. First of all, the question arises as to which products or brands keep what they promise. On the other […]