Which Hairstyle Suits Me? Try it Now For Free!

When the day comes when the long-awaited hairdresser’s visit comes into the house, the question arises: “Which haircut suits me?” Quite simply, this question can not always be answered, after all, there are several factors, such as facial and head shape, type and not to mention personal taste. SERVICE OF Blackhairstyleshq.COM Here you can find […]

15 Long Bob Hairstyle For Thin Hair

LONG BOB: THE LOOK EVERYONE LOVES! In fact, it is the ultimate haircut: The Long Bob, the brother of the classic Bob, is absolutely timeless, transformable, and almost without exception, every woman! The special feature of this cool cut is that it is the optimal hairstyle for medium hair – whether it is fine, normal […]

Fashionable Men’s Hairdressers 2017: From Shaved to Shoulder Length

  Spring is the perfect opportunity to change. How would that be better than with a hip new haircut? But what is the trend in 2017 and will you really stand by? According to the professionals in the industry, this year everything revolves around variations of the classics: the great is higher, the undercut trend […]

Long Hair Casual High Heeled Hair Styling – 12 Great Styling Ideas

Casual updos Medium length hair easy ideas Guide For women who like to try out new looks and care easy to care for, straight hair is simply the perfect length. It offers numerous possibilities for styling and contributes to a fresh, youthful look. In this case, a few easy-to-reach plug-in hair cutters are easy to […]

50 Cool Hairstyles for Little Boys and Haircuts in The Trend

Hairstyles little boys sweet mode jeans torn fashion sneakers Not only the adults look after their styling. Even small children show personal preferences for certain clothing and hair styles, with which they feel comfortable. We present you an exclusive selection of the hottest hairstyles  for small boys and teenagers. To keep up with the trends, […]

Top 25 Beautiful Hairstyles For Ladies

The Bob is one of the most beautiful and popular hairstyles classics. You can style it both smooth and with movement in the lengths! Beautiful hairstyles, like this updo in the undone look, work with color highlights even more attractive. Beautiful hairstyles for ladies: They can be simple but also very fancy. Like this creation, […]

Pony Hairstyles Best 25 Picture For You

Pony Hairstyles – The forehead fringes are back! Whether oblique or straight, short or long: The pony, an old acquaintance, celebrates its come-back on our heads. He has long since regained his place on the catwalks and with the celebs and now inspires us once again with his versatility and his ability to conceal or […]

Best 15 Ombre Weave Hairstyles Ideas Today

The fact that Ombré technology does not always have to bring decent results is demonstrated by this courageous Vice Versa Look OMBRÉ HAIR: REFINED TO THE TIPS Ombré – this hairstyling turns simple long hair into a wild mane. The color trend in the hair, which ranges from the dark to the bright tips, is […]

Easy Formal Hairstyles For Long Hair With Dress

OUR TOP 20 EVENING DRESSES Whether for a fun party with friends, a gala evening at the opera, or a wild dance at the club, the best styling or the coolest t-shirt does not really stand out without the perfect evening dress. Evening dresses are available for every occasion and for every hair – short, […]