Tips Hair Spliss: Fun Brake for Long Hair

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He is an old acquaintance who likes to make love to women with long hair: the splits. And once you have it on the cheek, you will be hard to get rid of it. How Spliss emerges and what you can do to successfully get the annoying visitor to the limits – here are a few tips.

Who does not know that? At last, the mane has been labored on a suitable length, it is already creeping in, the fun brake Haarspliss. It feels particularly comfortable in the tips of long hair, for these are the oldest, most sensitive and most vulnerable part of the hair. Here, the cortex may be exposed – tiny bundles of fibers coalesced in the inner part of the hair, surrounded by a mingling substance, which are enveloped in the marrow, and exposed to external influences. These include the rubbing of the heads of the hair on clothing, Heat, wind, chlorine and salt water and much more. But what to do?


The good news first: Even against Spliss is a herb grown! The bad: without the loss of a few centimeters hair splendor is unfortunately not. But once you get through to it, a splinter-free future does not stand against anything. Provided you stick to a few rules:


Do the hair wash like a woolen wash. That means, no wild scrubbing, neither with the hands nor with the towel and no hectic brushing of the wet (very stretchy!) And sensitive hair after the wash. Care is required, with gentle expression of the moist hair and the subsequent very gentle combing or brushing – and not without the hair in advance with a good portion of leave-in conditioner or rinse. Also recommended is the Extreme Lenght series from Redken with shampoo, primer and sealer. It restores the hair surface, provides the hair permanently and strengthens the haircortex.


Only use shampoos especially for strained hair. It usually has very mild surfactants that leach the hair less. In addition, for siliceous hair, products containing silicone are not a no-go, since they gently envelop the hair and thus better protect against mechanical stress. The more intact the dandruff layer, the better the protection! Conditioners and hair packs are therefore an absolute must for hair splits. If you want to treat your hair a real pampering program, should also care the tips with special oils. Argan oil has proved itself here as a real all-rounder and is now included in numerous products. But also the good old wool wax aka lanolin can help: simply massage a small amount into the tips from time to time – your hair will love it!


Whether dry air in winter, sun in the summer or the temperatures, the hair dryer, straighteners and co. Spread: For hair is heat pure stress! It would be best to let the hair dry in the air, but few would like to do without the styling. For this reason, special heat protection sprays should be used during blow drying and especially when using hair straighteners! Unfortunately, especially the flat iron is a real killer. It would be better, instead – or at least from time to time – to take turns to wrap the appropriate results. For the hair splendor clearly the more gentle method, as long as the turbo dryer is not used afterwards!


Sounds strange, but is true: If you want long hair, you have to be a hairdresser regularly. For hair that has not been cut for a long time will become weaker with increasing length and thus more susceptible to splitting. Fortunately, healthy hair grows between one and a half inches per month. So if you have to cut the tips every three months, you will not notice the difference! A special cutting technique, the so-called “hot scissors”, promises particularly effective results: thanks to scissors, whose blades are heated to approx. 200 degrees, the hair tips are virtually sealed. For this purpose, the hair is subdivided into strands of one or two centimeters thick and twisted or twisted, so that the split ends can be protruded and cut off obliquely. Ask your hairdresser for special split cuts!

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