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What Is The Most Popular Hairstyle – Having a model hair beautiful and charming is the main attraction for women. Especially if you have a hairstyle that is consistent with the shape of your face or body posture. Your beauty as a woman with hair as a crown will be radiated. Unfortunately, not everyone can fit and suitable to all kinds of hairstyles. Therefore, the following tips can you make reference to determine the model of hair such as what is suitable for you.

What Is The Most Popular Hairstyle Corresponding To Your Face ?

1. Form a rounded face

Long face more or less similar to the width of the face.
Have a face that is wide at the cheeks.
Suggestion :


Fits haircut is rather high and the volume on the crown of the head (face will seem more cramped).
If you want to wear bangs, bangs cut oblique to the layer on the side of the face, making his face seem longer.
Fits well with the model of a short haircut combed back from the forehead.
You can also choose a model piece of long hair, shoulder-length, or a hairstylethat is longer than the chin, making his face seem longer.

Model curly hair, except congenital.
Chin-length haircut.
Haircut, who has a center parting.
Haircuts model that expands and volume on the side of the ear.
2. Form an oval face

The perfect face shape and the proportion between the chin and forehead.
The length of the face is equal to one and a half times the width of the face.
Brow / forehead is wider than the chin.
Cheek bone clearly visible.
Oval shape and pointed chin.
Tip: You can try out all sorts of cutting hair and bangs. This face shape is a face that is suitable for all kinds of models and haircuts. Model long hair or short hair will look nice for the owner of an oval face.

Avoid: cover your face with heavy bangs. Avoid also have a hairstyle that covers the face.

3. Form a long face

The length of the face is longer than the width of the face.
Forehead, cheekbones and jaw the same width.
Cheekbones tend to have strict enough.
Face look longer.
Suggestion :

Select a bob haircut or a ponytail.
Create layers on the hair or curly hair pieces, this will make you look more attractive again.
You can also choose the type of haircut that balances the length of your face. For example, a short haircut or moderate, with the side a little volume (pieces side models). This will give the impression of shorter on your face.
Hair pieces are too long, as it will only add to the impression longer on your face.

4. Form a square face

Long face more or less the same as the width of the face.
Forehead, cheekbones and jaw the same width.
Triangular shape of the jaw (jaw powerful and prominent).
Suggestion :

We recommend choosing a haircut that could reduce the impression of a square in the face, for example the model longish hair (not too long), wavy or curly hairstyle.
Try choosing a haircut that expands on the top, and formed as a curved line toward the jaw. Select is also a haircut that looks full at the neck and the back.

Parts of the middle because it would reinforce the shape of your face.
Also avoid haircut square, straight hair piece model, and a bob haircut.
5. Heart face shape

Narrow jaws.
Same with oval face shape,
but the shape of the chin look more pointed and sharp.
Form width at the brow / forehead, and cheeks.
Looks like a curved line resembling the heart of increasingly narrow forehead and jaw flights.
Suggestion :

Select the model of mild hair at the temples.
Short haircuts and long sedagu also suitable for a heart face shape.
If you want to have short hair, choose a short haircut with arch inside.

Haircuts full / volume around the jaw line and pieces of hair over his forehead.
Model haircut that gives the impression of too heavy and excessive at the top, and the models are tapered at the neck.
Avoid models parted in the middle, as it will add to the impression of a more pointed on the chin.
6. This form of triangular faces

The opposite of the heart shape.
Dominant jaw line.
Cheekbones, forehead, and temples cramped.
The chin wider.
Suggestion :

Hair pieces can give the impression of more width on the forehead, and the impression of a more narrow at the chin.
Short haircut can reduce the impression that firm and dominant on the jaw
Model shaggy hair and lots of layers are also suitable for triangular face shape because it will give the impression of more volume at the top.

Style / haircut full on the jaw.
Model hair parted in the middle.
7. Face shape diamond

The widest part is cheekbones.
Narrow forehead and almost equal to the width of the jaw line.
Forehead and narrow chin, cheeks angular lines.
Tip: Let your hair a bit thin at the temples. This is to show the impression of more volume around the forehead and jaw.

Avoid: haircuts wide at the temples.
8. Form pear face

Have a narrow forehead.
Bit width at the jaw.
Suggestion: select a hairstyle that does not stick to the temples and little shows in the jaw.

Avoid: very short hair and full extent of the neck at the top.

9. The shape of the face with a broad forehead and chin rather long.
Choose a haircut that add volume below the chin to balance the shape of your chin rather long.
For the forehead, use bangs to reduce the impression of width on your forehead.

Haircut according to the shape of the body:

A straight body shape, athletic fit with short haircut with layers, and can
also model rather long hair at the nape (back).
Pear shape is usually matched with a short haircut to chin, feminine style that is somewhat contained. But it also must be adapted to the shape of the face.
Thin body should have shoulder-length hair, make corrugate or air-layer for the body look fuller. Avoid short hair, straight and long as it will make you more visible thin.
Fat body will look slimmer if the hair is left slightly longer and given the layers on the left and right. Avoid pieces are too short, too long, or curly and wavy as it can not disguise the shape of your body.
If your body shape is very tall and skinny, choose the model of longish hair that looks proportionate part of your head with your body.
So what are you waiting for? Choose a haircut that really fit your face shape or posture. What Is The Most Popular Hairstyle

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